Mining and electrical equipment,all types of rolled metal products.


TransMashService KZ, LLP is a company for supply of equipment for industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. We offer a wide range of quality products from leading manufacturers around the world.

Rolled metal products

Mining equipment

Electrical equipment

TransMashService KZ

TransMashService KZ, LLP specializes in supply of

  • High-quality mining
  • General - industrial
  • Power equipmentх
  • Providing the customers
  • With the best level of service to obtain effective results

high performance and fixing the issues

We work with proven suppliers and manufacturers only, who have established themselves as the leaders of their industry in the global community:

  • Russia;
  • Japan;
  • USA;
  • Germany;
  • China;
  • and many other countries, which are the representatives of the products delivered by us.

TransMashService KZ, LLP will provide in the shortest possible time the services for purchase of equipment at an excellent price-quality ratio.

  • We will take into account all your wishes;
  • We organize a local search for successful operation of the equipment:
    • We control the whole process of 'turnkey'-delivery: beginning from logistics and ending with necessary paperwork

TransMashService KZ, LLP is a supplier of leading producers of the equipment for industrial branches thanks to our management has dense, friendly relations directly with manufacturers and proved itself as a reliable partner.

The equipment has necessary documentation:

  • International quality certificates;
  • It meets the declared technical characteristics and standards;
  • Safety level and inspections for environmental and nuclear supervision.

Our company is interested in fruitful cooperation on a long-term basis. Communicating with the team of TransMashService KZ, LLP, we guarantee a reliability and an individual approach to each client.


TransMashService KZ, LLP deservedly occupies a leading place for supply of equipment in the industrial sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our clients are the large companies in the field of mining, transportation and energy equipment. Our advantage is reliability and stability. We appreciate the trust entrusted to us, so we make every effort for mutual prosperity and cooperation