Каталог продукции

TransMashService KZ, LLP specializes in supply of mining equipment, components, materials, spare parts, electrical equipment and other machinery for industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Our company ranks among Top for a volume of the products supplied that indicates a confidence and reliability on the part of partners and suppliers.

We are proud to cooperate with global manufacturers and factories from Europe and the countries outside the CIS.

General Electric

One of the examples is the partnership with the American company 'General Electric', which is a global manufacturer of equipment, power plants, lighting, medical equipment, etc.

We buy the pumps, compressors, spare parts for general industrial use on an ongoing basis and favorable terms.


It is also a well-known company 'Remark-Kayser' that is a leading European manufacturer of filters, products for ventilation and air conditioning.

The products of this brand occupy a particularly honorable place, as an impeccable quality of this brand is in great demand all over the world.

Siemens AG

One of the well-known suppliers of our company is the German concern 'Siemens AG' - a manufacturer of equipment in the field of electronics, lighting, power and medical equipment.

The company has a centuries-old history and an experience in manufacturing high-quality products. Our cooperation with Siemens AG is constant one, we offer for our customers the best products only.