Каталог продукции

Rolled metal products is the product from metallurgy industry obtained by rolling on machine tools. Its main varieties are as follows: colored (made from alloys and metals: zinc, copper, aluminum), black (made from an alloy of iron, steel, cast iron), stainless (made with the addition of chromium).

Our company is engaged in supply of various categories of Rolled metal products directly from manufacturing plants. We indicate below the main product groups that you can purchase from us.

Rolled metal products (sheet, shapes, bars, etc)

According to the shape, the Rolled metal products is divided into: the sheet metal in the form of strips, sheets with a different thickness made by hot or cold rolling. Rolled section steel includes reinforcement, square, hexagon, beam, circle shapes; Those shapes are more often used for construction. Shaped metal is profiles, channels and corners. Our company offers a wide range of different types of metal products, as well as grinding balls – special rolled products used in ball drum mills.

Permanent-way materials

Track bed structure is a part of the railway track taking on the load from the wheels of the rolling stock and directing to the substructure or rail track. Track bed structure is an important element, so every detail purchased for a structure is important. TransMashService KZ, LLP offers certified products and components: fasteners, passes that meet all necessary technical requirements.

Metallurgical equipment

To manufacture high-quality metal, a properly metallurgical equipment must be selected. It is selected depending on the type of production and further operation. We cooperate with the world manufacturers of equipment, and we offer a high-quality and reliable product.

Foundry equipment and spare parts

Foundry engineering is a branch of mechanical engineering, where components are made by pouring the metal into the desired shape, and they form a finished part when cooling. The foundry equipment is in demand in sphere of automotive industry, mechanical engineering and metallurgy industry. TransMashService KZ, LLP is a private supplier of: molding machines, various buckets, components, and auxiliary materials. We ensure a guarantee of high quality and fast delivery time.

Stop valves

Stop valves are the devices, a type of pipeline valves designed to overlap, distribute and disconnect the fluid flow inside the pipeline. The product is widely used in the engineering industry. TransMashService KZ, LLP is a major supplier of stop valves and high-pressure valves. Excellent partnerships with manufacturers allow to provide directly the necessary products from the CIS states and the countries outside the CIS.


Hardware are the products made of metal. They are conventionally divided into two types: General purposed ones and industrial ones are manufactured to be used when operating (bolts, screws, nails, etc.). Coming to our company to purchase the metal products, we guarantee delivery of quality products from plant-manufacturers on the most favorable terms.

PPE and overalls